Quick & Easy Decorating Ideas


♦ It’s true – you never get a second chance to make a first impression. The entryway is the first area people see when they enter your home. Keep it neat! Make use of practical (but cozy) items like a small dresser, bench with storage (either inside or underneath), a mirror with a shelf or hooks, pretty containers as catchalls for keys and cell phones.

♦ If you love a trendy colour but are afraid to commit to it, try it out in small doses. Paint an accent wall, door, or inside a closet!

♦ The quickest way to add colour to a living room; throw cushions and pillows.

♦ Edit, edit, edit! Starting to feel that your rec room or living room is looking crowded and cluttered? Take a good, honest look and think about what you really need. Then discard, donate or store.

♦ Wish your windows looked taller? Try this simple fix…raise the curtain rod.

♦ Benches aren’t just for entryways. Place one at the foot of a bed, or beside a chair. A great way to store extra things as well as creating additional seating.

♦ Looking for colourful, interesting objects to place on your coffee table? Pick out a few of your favourite books in a variety of sizes and colours, then display them front-and-center!

♦ Add a retro feel to the kitchen by displaying clear glass jars with grains, coffee, tea, pastas and other nonperishables on an open shelf.

♦ Add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen or breakfast nook…gather a set of mis-matched wooden chairs, then paint them different colours.

♦ When choosing a rug size for a dining room, add 75cm (30 inches) per side to table dimensions for chairs with arms and least 60cm (24 inches) for chairs without arms. That way everyone will have room to push out their chair to a more conversational position – before and after meals – without moving off the rug.

♦ If you have a variety of objects that are the same colour, gather them from around the house and group them together to create an eye-catching display.

♦ Give the illusion of a larger room without doing any construction. Paint walls a light colour for an airy feel. To make a low ceiling seem higher, paint it a cool colour, like dove gray, and it will visually appear to recede.

♦ Get maximum visual and sentimental effect by grouping photographs together. Walls in hallways, along staircases, and the rec room, are ideal locations for family photo groupings. Mismatched frame styles make for an interesting display…different frame colours?…simply use a can of spray paint. The same frame colour will give your display continuity.

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