Natural Lawn Care


Leave the grass-clippings on your lawn after you mow and be a grass-cycler!  Any lawn mower will cut clippings short enough to grass-cycle. You should only take 1/3 of the grass blade height when you mow so that the clippings are not too long.  If clumping occurs simply run over the clippings a second time, or rake clumps out into a thin layer.  Grass clippings are rich in nutrients that are returned to the soil about 14 days after you mow.


Lawns need fertilizing in order to remain healthy, lush and green.  Nitrogen produces rich green growth, phosphorus stimulates root growth while potassium fortifies the plants.  Your own compost, composted leaves and composted manures are good sources of natural fertilizer for your lawn.  Avoid chemical fertilizers  but  if you do buy commercial products, try to choose  those that contain only natural source products.

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