Do-it-yourself projects can be enjoyable and very rewarding, but, you must take proper precautions to prevent injuries.

Safety comes first!

Protect Your Back

  • When you need to move heavy items, use the tools the pros rely on; a wheelbarrow, dolly, or an extra set of helping hands.
  • When you do lift – lift properly.  Keep your back straight and your legs bent whenever lifting anything; whether it’s lightweight or heavy.
  • When carrying materials or supplies, do so in a way that’s least harmful to your back.  Usually this means keeping materials waist high and centered between your legs.

Dress Properly

  • Wear long sleeves and pants.  Use safety gear; gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, for certain projects a hard hat is warranted.
  • Proper footwear is important – choose footwear suited to the task at hand; running shoes are well suited when you’re painting – if you’re handling lumber or drywall, steel-toed work boots are the better – and safer – choice.


  • Set the ladder close to your work.  If your hips go outside the ladder’s side rails, you are overreaching and risking a fall.
  • When setting up a stepladder, make sure all four legs are supported and the spreaders are fully opened.
  • Lean a straight or extension ladder against the house so that the distance from the foundation of the ladder’s base is about one-quarter of the ladder’s height. Check to see that the tops and bottoms of both ladder rails are making firm contact.
  • Always face the ladder when ascending or descending.  Grip the ladder firmly with both hands and place your feet squarely on each rung.  Do not turn around on the ladder or proceed as if you were on a conventional stairway.
  • Don’t stand on the top of a stepladder. On a straight or extension ladder, stop when your shoulders are even with the top of the rails.
  • Don’t carry tools loosely in your pocket; they could fall on someone below.  Before carrying any materials up a ladder, make sure you have a secure place to put them when you get to the top.
  • Wear slip-resistant footwear when working on any ladder.

Protect Your Skin

  • Professionals always exercise extreme caution when working with chemicals – so should you.  Even if a chemical appears harmless, there are many risks; it could rub off someplace else such as in your eyes or on the kids or a pet. Extreme caution should be practiced at all times when handling chemicals.
  • Avoid touching your eyes and even your clothes, as you might have forgotten that  you rubbed off some chemicals onto your clothes and now you’ve used your shirt to wipe sweat off your face potentially harming skin and eyes.
  • Sand and aggregate can be abrasive to your skin.  Wear long sleeved shirts and pants, and water-proof gloves.

Protect Your Eyes

  • Whether you’re welding, laying cement, working with a compressor, sanding drywall or working on a rooftop, be very aware of the dangers and always, always, wear safety goggles or glasses.

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