Clutter Patrol

The ongoing (and seemingly never ending) battle.  Here are some simple, and inexpensive, solutions for your home.

Live by the “one in – one out” rule

For every item you bring in to your home – one item goes out.  Apply this simple solution to everything from clothing to gift wrap to kitchen gadgets to household items and gifts.  Before purchasing anything decide what item you’ll be letting go to make room

Donation Days

Choose 1 day each season – spring, summer, winter, and fall – and declare it a ‘Donation Day’.  On these donation days supply each member of your family with a carton or bag, have them spend just 20 minutes sorting through their possessions to collect clothing, toys, books, shoes, sports gear etc.  You can easily extend these seasonal decluttering sessions to an hour by assigning each family member ‘another room’ – say the family room, entrance-way, even the garage – whichever area(s) in your home attract the most clutter.

Donation Box

Set up a ‘donation box’.  Locate it in a convenient, easily accessible spot – let everyone in your household know where it is! When the box full, drop it off at a local charity.  This is also the ideal spot to store the ‘items going out’ from your earlier rule!  Encourage children to participate by explaining how their donation of clothes, toys, books etc. can help those in need.

Miscellaneous clutter conquering tips

  • Do an inventory of your kid’s clothing, shoes and other misc. gear before going back-to-school shopping.
  • Incorporate storage into your decor; boxes, baskets, small dressers or trunks (instead of tables), bookcases etc.
  • Try to purchase double-duty furnishings; a coffee table with a shelf underneath for newspapers, magazines and the remote caddy – an entrance-way bench with storage or a shoe rack -end/side tables with shelves for extra storage.

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